North American Cable Assembly Manufacturers Report

Have you asked yourself, ”where is our company currently positioned in the marketplace and where are we going in comparison to the rest of the industry?” Probably so.

Just Released – NEW Edition – North American Cable Assembly Manufacturer Report


WHMA and Bishop & Associates, Inc. have collaborated on the new 2013 North American Cable Assembly Manufacturers (NACAM) report.  It is a 1,190 page report, in PDF format/CD-ROM, containing profiles on 1,105 companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico that manufacture cable assemblies for resale.

The profiles include company name, address, phone number, business manager, website, estimated 2012 worldwide revenues, facility size, manufacturing locations by region of the world, markets served, product types manufactured, agency approvals/certifications, minority business designations, and a description of the business.  The report also contains a chapter on the worldwide cable assembly market, and a statistical/high level analysis and summary of the information collected.

Who can benefit from the report:

  • Companies seeking potential subcontractors for the outsourcing of their cable assembly requirements.
  • Companies that want to identify potential customers for their products and services, including connector and component suppliers, equipment/tooling suppliers, material suppliers, and distributors.
  • Organizations seeking to acquire cable assembly companies can find a comprehensive list of potential targets in the report.

For an additional charge, the report database is available as an Excel document.

 Highlights from the report:

  • The worldwide cable assembly industry had a value of $121.6 billion in 2012.
  • In North America, there are at least 1,105 companies participating in the cable assembly industry with combined, worldwide revenues of over $48 billion.
  • The state/province with the most cable assembly manufacturers is California.
  • 23% of the companies participated in serving the industrial market sector and 5% participate in the medical market sector.
  • The median company size in the report is $4M.

This report sells for $3,950 – but as a WHMA member you receive a 55% DISCOUNT – – buy a PDF format/CD-ROM today for only $1,750.  You can also buy a package of the CD-ROM and an Excel version for a combined price of $2,935.

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2015 World Cable Assembly Market Report

Where is the World Cable Assembly Market Headed over the Next Five Years?

  • Which regions of the world are projected to increase sales growth?
  • What technical and economic trends will affect the industry?
  • Which market sectors will grow at the fastest rate?
  • What cable assembly types are being used by market sector?
  • Who are the top 25 cable assembly companies worldwide?
  • In what cable assembly types or market sectors should I direct my company resources?

Addressing these questions and many more is Bishop & Associates research report, “2015 World Cable Assembly Market.” This 18-chapter, 230 page report, on the world cable assembly market from 2014 through 2020, provides a detailed analysis of the world’s cable assembly industry by region of the world, end-use equipment sector and cable assembly types. Information is provided numerically (US$), as well as illustrated, utilizing charts and graphs to allow the reader to easily understand and view trends.

Constantly evolving technology is having a profound effect on the design and implementation of connectors. Know which connectors will benefit most from this evolution. Order your copy of 2015 World Cable Assembly Market.

This report sells for $3.950 – but as a WHMA member you receive a 55% DISCOUNT – – buy a manual (no CD-ROM available) today for only $1,750.  You can also buy a package of the manual and a pdf version for a combined price of $2,935.

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Develop a winning game plan for your company’s future with these invaluable tools.  Purchase a copy of the “North American Cable Assembly Manufacturers” and/or “World Cable Assembly Market” Report today.

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