In May 2022, JobFlow launched the BraiderBot system to the world at the EWPTE show in Milwaukee. BraiderBot, a cobotic add-on for Cobra and NEB braiders, helps to remove some of the manual labor from the harness braiding process. It’s a first of its kind upgrade for the process of braiding complex wire harnesses.

The BraiderBot system’s robotic arms pull harnesses through the braider, reducing strain on the operator. As the machine is braiding, sensors are watching the cone angle of the threads, to ensure a clean, consistent braid every time, as well as watching for (and stopping at) branches and terminations.

At the 2022 show, we got some great feedback, and we’ve made some implemented some exciting changes for our production launch in 2023, including:

  • A new belt-driven design, which replaces the “hand-over-hand” arms.
  • The ability to braid much faster (over 2 inches per second)
  • The ability to braid with more materials than just PVC-coated nylon thread
  • The ability to vary the braiding coverage with a dial

Look for the BraiderBot system in the JobFlow booth at the WHMA Conference in Albuquerque, as well as EWPTE in Milwaukee in May. We’re ready to take orders!