The manufacturing labor force in the USA will have 2.4 million jobs to fill by 2028, according to The Manufacturing Institute. Mexico provides wire harness manufacturers a strong alternative
with youthful, cost-competitive labor. Without a commitment to ongoing professional development and continuous improvement, however, Mexico’s workforce will fall behind.

Entrada Group, a firm that guides wire harness producers through the steps required to set up and run their firstever operation in Mexico, realizes the importance of an ongoing commitment to the professional development of the workforce of our clients. That was the driving force behind our launch of the Petrie Learning Center in late 2021, named after our late colleague, Dennis Petrie, who spent much of his long career in manufacturing with several companies in Mexico.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The Petrie Learning Center is located at our Fresnillo, Zacatecas, manufacturing campus, for exclusive use by Entrada Group clients. Before his unexpected passing in late 2021, one key aspect of Dennis Petrie’s vision for the training center was the necessity of considering training as a continuous way of living and operating rather than a one-time exercise.

To realize this vision, training must be both accessible and readily available, supporting an ever-progressing career path. That’s why we developed the Petrie Learning Center onsite at our manufacturing campus in Fresnillo, maximizing convenience and efficiency, while reducing the downtime and travel costs for Entrada’s clients.

The Petrie Learning Center offers a range of courses and certification programs in different disciplines. Some are mandated by Mexico’s Federal government for all manufacturers while others are globally recognized certifications like IPC-610 and IPC-620. Other optional courses cover topics such as Lean Manufacturing best practices or leadership training/coaching. Certification programs are mutually beneficial. For example, at the completion of an IPC certification program, each participant will receive the globally recognized paperwork from IPC. In addition, they will obtain proof of the achievement (DC3 certificate in Mexico) signifying they have completed the training program, which will be recognized by any employer in Mexico.

Overview of Courses

The trainings and certifications offered at the Petrie Learning Center fall into two distinct categories:
Manufacturing Process Improvement Courses:
Optional, corresponding to either a universally accepted manufacturing certification (such as the IPC-610 or IPC-620) or to another widely recognized
standard within manufacturing (such as Lean).
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Courses:
Successful completion for many of these courses is required by either the Federal, State or Municipal level government in Mexico. Also, other courses can be tailored to specific client production processes and work environments.

For a more detailed list of our training and certification programs, email me at: