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Harness Builder for E3.series 2022 introduces enhancements to accelerate the adoption of smart manufacturing, improve wire harness cost and weight estimates and connect to leading third-party testing and manufacturing solutions. New cost and weight estimation options significantly im- prove up-front engineering quality.

Combined with updates to the Harness Builder for E3.series Work Instructions Assistant and the powerful dash number configuration, the new release’s features eliminate manufacturing and assembly overheads.

In the 2022 release announced by Zuken USA, Inc., Westford, MA, USA, partner integrations are expanding to new areas. Simultaneously, the release further develops existing technology partnerships to provide a holistic design and manufacturing solution.

Additionally, the system’s expanded wire harness testing and manufacturing options cover most leading automated solutions.

“We have made significant strides in this latest release towards the goal of smart manufacturing adoption. Our Harness Builder 2022 will improve our customer productivity through better automation, improved weight and cost estimation and more third-party manufacturing solutions,” comments Paul Harvell, who is the Product Director of E3.series.

“The engineering savings are enormous with Harness Builder—a conservative estimate is anywhere between 25% and 50%. The savings on the production side are terrific. They are around threefold more than the engineering savings. I would say Harness Builder for E3.series is a smart manufacturing tool and not just an engineering tool,” says Brian Nash, Engineering Director, ArcFlo.

Wire Harness Weight Estimator

Harness Builder for E3.series introduces the brand-new Wire Harness Weight Estimator to empower wire harness engineers to track the weight of a harness throughout the design cycle. There are many factors influencing the weight of a wire harness.

The estimator considers the weight of wires, tubing, cable protection, and all harness components in a form-board drawing. Estimates include the weight of connector pins, coverings, seas and other accessories to provide the most accurate estimate.

The Wire Harness Weight Estimator includes multiple measuring units to handle a wide range of component and design types.

Built-in Data Sheet Viewer

Harness Builder for E3.series simplifies wire harness engineers’ access to data sheets with an intelligent built-in viewer. These data sheets are often the primary source of accurate information about the components used in a wire harness design. Wire harness engineers are constantly flip- ping between their design application, websites, PDF viewers and other sources in order to access information to help them with their wire harness designs.

For instance, documentation for a simple connector includes multiple data sheets for housing, pins, boots, connector tools and accessories. Upon selecting an item on the form-board drawing, the data sheet viewer displays information for all sub-parts of the selected component. The easy- to-use multi-tab viewer helps wire harness designers reduce the overhead of opening and tracking multiple data sheets.

An Enhanced Wire Harness Quoting Tool

The wire harness quoting tool is a key benefit of the new Harness Builder for E3.series solution. This wire harness quoting tool is driven by the logical connectivity, components and physical layout, and it also helps wire harness manufacturers in estimating the loaded cost of producing a wire harness.

The latest enhancements to the Harness Build- er for E3.series quoting tool provide a dedicated screen and dialog to better visualize the quote. And the estimates are also more accurate with various improvements in time assignments for multiple tasks.

In addition, the system’s long lead items list assists designers in identifying the critical com- ponents to allow ordering early and avoiding supply chain delays.

Loom Report

Cutting and fitting tubes, coverings and other cable protection materials is a mandatory task in the wire harness assembly process.

Often, designers measure and create a cut-list to pass to production; the process can be time- consuming and prone to errors.

Harness Builder for E3.series now automatically produces a configurable loom cut-list from the form-board drawings. And the configuration options enable the reports to indicate relevant information as well as management of the reporting template.

Automated Wire Processing Machines

Smart manufacturing is the key to gaining efficiencies and to reducing time lines without impacting the quality of the product.

Manual wire processing has many overheads, and an intelligent design paired with the latest automated wire processing machines has the potential to cut wiring overheads by more than 50%.

The latest updates help further simplify automatic wire processing with new features and support for leading wire cut, mark, and strip machines.

Harness Builder for E3.series 2022 is available now in North America.

In order to obtain additional technical information and product specifications on the latest release of Harness Builder for E3.series 2022, contact Amy Clements at Zuken USA, Inc., located in Westford, MA, USA, or visit the Zuken USA, Inc. website.