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Taking heavy-gauge wire processing to the next level, the powerful and versatile Artos CS-370 from Komax cuts and strips thicker and shorter wires than ever before. The new powerful Artos CS-370 cuts and strips wires with an outer diameter of up to 35 mm and a cross section of 300 mm2 .

Robust, reliable, accurate and productive, the CS-370 is also highly flexible. The CS-370 cutting and stripping machine can be retrofitted with a rotary incision unit as well as with wire-slitting and inkjet-marking features. The networkable unit is connected to the user’s MES via Komax’s WPCS protocol.

Thanks to the legacy of the CS-327, the new CS-370 machine offers a broad range of tooling for specialized applications.

A Force to Be Reckoned With

In the latest model of the successful Artos brand, the proven tool design of its predecessor, the CS-327, has been improved yet again. As a result, the new Artos CS-370 has a particularly wide range of applications. Thanks to its enormous power, the CS-370 is ideal for cutting high-voltage cables and thick cables, and even steel cables with a diameter of 5 to 6 mm are no problem.

One of the machine’s outstanding features is that it does not require any upgrading to process heavy cables. It can also cut short cables (minimum 50 mm) without any problems. While its sturdy servo-driven belt feed system makes the CS-370 productive and reliable, its versatile wire collection feature further ensures a smooth workflow.

An optional rotary cutter enables multiple stripping possibilities for multilayer and shielded cables. With further options like wire slitting and inkjet marking, the Artos CS-370 is as versatile as it is dependable for heavy gauge wire applications. It has all the makings of a true industry workhorse, especially in the automotive, transportation and industrial sectors.

The heavy-duty Artos CS-370 strengths at a glance include the following:

  • Powerful, robust, accurate, fast Cuts and strips wires of up to 35 mm in diameter, even steel cables
  • Rotary incision unit, slitting and inkjet-marking options
  • Ready to handle very short wires
  • Servo driven belt feed system
  • Designed for minimal wire change downtime
  • Wire collection for smooth workflow
  • Networkable via Komax WPCS protocol

A Wide Range of Additional Options

With the Artos CS-370, which supersedes the existing CS-327 (while retaining that model’s cutting unit and drive system), Komax is able to deliver a solution for processing cables with an outer diameter of up to 35 mm and a 300 mm2 cross section. As mentioned above, the CS-370 may be ordered with a rotary incision unit (CS-370R – available from November 2021) or without (CS-370). And, of course, the networkable unit can be connected to the user’s MES via Komax’s WPCS protocol.

Global Sales & Service for Artos Products

Since 2019, Artos has been a product brand of the Komax Group. Local sales and services for Artos products are available in more than 60 countries via numerous subsidiaries and independent representatives. Thanks to this unique level of customer proximity, local and global customers benefit from the extensive availability of spare parts and an outstanding range of services that guarantees the right technical advice and support for every requirement. Komax Group is interested in your opinion, so feel free to enter into a dialog with John Olsen, Managing Director, Komax Brookfield at: •

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Komax Corporation, Buffalo Grove, IL, USA, is the market leader in wire processing manufacturing supplying the automotive, appliance and electronics industries. The Komax mission and our PACT with customers, suppliers, employees and stockholders is to provide high-quality and state-of-the-art wire processing equipment and services that meet or exceed customer expectations; achieve customer satisfaction and company productivity by providing the opportunity for all employees to use their initiative, creativity, talent and abilities; continuously improve all operations, products, services and personal performance; and transact all business activities with the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism. Sustainability and social responsibility are core elements of Komax’s corporate strategy. They are incorporated into the Group’s long-term targets and into its operating activities. Komax is determined to develop its competencies in questions of sustainability and social responsibility on an ongoing basis for the benefit of its stakeholders and the environment. Komax group companies include Artos, Exmore, Kabatec, Laselec, Thonauer and TSK.