IPC-WHMA-A-620 Video Training Library Subscription

Introduction To Wiring Assembly

Teach cable / wire assembly manufacturing to your current and new employees in a class room setting for wire / cable assembly, stripping, crimping, preparation, connectors, terminals & coaxial cable assembly.


 IPC is a not-for-profit global trade association providing industry-developed video training for electronics assembly.  We offer a complete library of operator-level training videos that provides the foundation knowledge required Wire Assembly and more.

 IPC instructional videos are useful for new employee orientation, basic training, cross-training and continuing education – for companies, schools and career development centers. They can be streamed into your classroom for group presentation using your IPC Trainer login.

Annual subscription provides for unlimited use – throughout your entire organization. You can play these award-winning video training programs via the IPC EDGE learning portal.

Preview Videos

Wire Harness Assembly Methods (56C)

Intro to Wire Crimping (58C)

Wire Preparation (59C)

Electronic Connector Assembly (62C)

Terminology Training for Wire Assembly (152C)

Coaxial Cable Assembly (167C)

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