The WHMA Listserv is a special email list that allows WHMA members to send and receive messages to other members in this group. The WHMA Listserv is accomplished through email and is quick and easy. Anyone who has signed up for the list server will get all the messages sent to it and, if they want, may reply to either the entire group or just to the individual who sent the message. List servers work best when there are lots of members discussing lots of topics.

What to discuss?

  • WHMA meeting info
  • Problems with machines or processes
  • New product announcements
  • Your companies special capabilities
  • Urgently needed wire or terminal samples
  • Surplus of excess items for sale
  • Technical questions
  • Committee announcements

How do I sign up for the WHMA Listserv?

Send an email to:

How do I send a message?

After you are signed up for the WHMA Listserv, sending a message to it’s members is as easy as sending an email. To send a message, just type your message in an email and send the email to The message will be received by all WHMA Listserv participants.

Attachments are not allowed in list serve messages. However, if you want to include a photo or texts of Word docs / spreadsheets in your message there is a section on the Yahoo List Serve that allows you to upload a file, then send a message telling members of the list serve the name of the file and they can then choose to download it or not. Or, you can send the file to the list serve moderator Jim Manke ( with your message and he will post it for you after sending it through our spam / virus filter.

WHMA invites you to join today. It is a good way to stay up to speed with the most current events in the wire harness industry. Please feel free to send a question, concern, or comment. Or just follow along with your fellow members by reading the messages until you have something to say.

For questions regarding WHMA membership contact Renee Molstad at or 763-235-6467.