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Schunk Sonosystems is the world’s leading specialist in the field of ultrasonic metal welding. Worldwide, our 400 employees develop and produce our innovative ultrasonic welding equipment – and are always close to our customers.

In addition to our headquarters in Wettenberg (Germany), we have locations in Boston (USA), Taicang (Jiangsu Province, China) and Kenitra (Morocco) together with our subsidiary Schunk Sonosystems North America. In addition, approximately 30 representatives represent us worldwide.

Ultrasonic welding is a future-oriented process that joins metals using ultrasound. In addition to copper and aluminum joints, metal-glass joints are also possible.

The materials are placed on top of each other and moved against each other under low pressure and high-frequency mechanical vibrations. In this way, a permanent, strong and metallurgically pure bond with excellent physical properties is created in a fraction of a second.