Gladding Braiding Equipment is uniquely positioned to save you money when entering , or expanding the braided harness market. Our machines are fabricated and assembled with new off-the-shelf USA electronics and drives,  refurbished decks and uprights, and supported with everyday service support from our NY State factory.

How do we save you roughly 50% from European options? Because Gladding runs 2,000 braiders every day in their plant, we have experienced fabricators and mechanics who know their stuff when building machines. We add 100% new motors, electronics, speed controls, carriers, belts and pulleys to allow you the convenient and efficient adjustable speed harness braiding to  shield with either textile fibers (like Nomex and Kevlar) as well as wire materials (like copper and steel).

Gladding can also provide the raw materials on braider bobbins or tubes for your braider (i.e. Nomex, Kevlar PEEK, etc. plus tinned copper, nickel, and stainless steel wires , etc.)

Call 315-653-7211; We have been doing this for over 200 years, look forward to sharing our expertise, and offer free training after every machinery purchase.