Herrmann Ultrasonics
Company Website: www.herrmannultrasonics.com

Herrmann Ultrasonics is a leading global company in providing ultrasonic welding solutions with five decades of expertise.

With our 360° ULTRASONIC ENGINEERING, we offer customer specific support from concept, to high volume manufacturing, to after sales support.  We become our customer’s trusted advisor and solutions provider for their ultrasonic welding projects.  As part of our global network, we have ultrasonic laboratories located in 20 countries, providing local support.

Ultrasonic welding is an energy-efficient, precise process for the permanent joining of non-ferrous metals, preferably copper and aluminium. The joints are high-strength and well conductive. All process safety and quality control requirements, for the manufacturing of OEM products in the automotive, electronics and energy industries are met.

Our HiS VARIO product line for copper and aluminum offers a suitable platform for the manufacturing steps in lithium-ion batteries and other cable terminal and terminal terminal applications. The newly developed tool change and alignment concept significantly increases machine availability and has a positive effect on long-term process stability.

The ultrasonic welding systems for non-ferrous metals from Herrmann Ultrasonics meet, as a machine or module, the modern requirements of process monitoring, quality assurance and data acquisition – from small batch sizes at manual workstations to simple integration in automation lines.

  • Fast and efficient production process
  • Low energy input
  • High degree of quality monitoring
  • Process optimization using a wide range of welding parameters
  • Additives such as solder are not required
  • Solid and conductive connections without contact resistances
  • Ideal for anodes and cathodes in lithium-ion batteries, stranded wires, busbars, and cable harnesses