RVI, Inc
Company Website: https://www.rvi-inc.com/

From a simple cable to a complex design with dozens of circuits and breakouts, our harnesses are used for a wide range of applications; medical, heavy equipment, energy, military and agriculture, to name a few.

Our capabilities include:

  • Schleuniger Wire Cutting, Stripping & Printing
  • Komax Kappa 330 Wire Cutting, Stripping & Printing
  • STAPLA Ultrasonic Splice Welding
  • Molex Pneumatic Crimping
  • TE Automated Terminating
  • Braiding & Looming Equipment
  • Heat Shrinking
  • Cirrus Automated Testing
  • Pull Testing

No two manufacturing projects are alike, and no two harness designs are either. That is why our trained staff approaches every project as a new challenge.