It is important for executives and staff to continue to build the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the Wire and Cable Assembly industry, especially through this pandemic. The IPC/WHMA-A-620 Video Training Library subscription provides an opportunity to develop individually and scale learning in your organization online. These videos are a powerful and an effective way to pass educational, informative, and business information at a lower cost than individual training classes.

Let me introduce you to the cable and wire harness manufacturing course – Introduction to Wiring Assembly. It’s a mini-library of 6 trainings that teach cable / wire assembly manufacturing to your current and new employees in a class room setting for wire / cable assembly, stripping, crimping, preparation, connectors, terminals & coaxial cable assembly. It’s incredible! Perfect for training during this time and in the future.

The course titles are listed below:

  1. Wire Harness Assembly Methods (56C)
  2. Intro to Wire Crimping (58C)
  3. Wire Preparation (59C)
  4. Electronic Connector Assembly (62C)
  5. Terminology Training for Wire Assembly (152C)
  6. Coaxial Cable Assembly (167C)

The great part about these courses is that they were created by IPC who specializes in providing industry-developed video training for electronics assembly. These instructional videos are perfect to be used repeatedly, for new employee orientation, basic training, cross-training and continuing education.  They can be streamed into your classroom for group presentation

If you are a WHMA/IPC member you get a discount on this library, and trust me if you’re not a member, it’s worth becoming a member! If you become a new member before December 31, 2021, you will receive 50% off your first year’s membership. Which literally pays for the membership itself, along with all the great benefits of both the WHMA membership and the IPC membership.

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This article can be found in the Wire & Cable International Technology (WCTI) Jan/Feb Issue.