YRC Worldwide - Membership Benefit

Your WHMA membership is a valuable investment in you, your company and the industry. WHMA has partnered with YRC Worldwide to pass exclusive partner discounts to the WHMA members

As a partner, you will experience the combined power of the three best in class, next-day regional Less-Than-Truckload companies (Holland, New Penn, Reddaway), the scope and size of YRC Freight, and their in-house freight brokerage (HNRY Logistics) combined with cutting edge technology to provide our partners with turkey solutions for your supply chain needs. You will be able to access one of the largest LTL providers in North America, all through a single point of contact.

This partnership will deliver the following benefits, including the ability to:

  • Aggregate volumes across all of its members to negotiate competitive volume discounts with carriers on behalf of its members.
  • Facilitate collaboration and information sharing across its member shippers.
  • Provide other transportation management and administrative services as required by its members.

The YRC partnership includes shipping to Canada and Mexico, guaranteed and expedited shipping, consolidation and distribution, and assist in your tradeshow needs. We have found that our members find Exhibit Services (Tradeshow) to be a massive help for members, including the 30-day free storage.  By using this service, it decreases the chance of unforeseen delays in your material arriving to the tradeshow. In addition, our members utilize and benefit from consolidating multiple boxes onto a pallet/skid and ship LTL instead of individual boxes. Or if a member is putting together several kits for one specific order/customer it helps to palletize them and ship LTL. 

Association benefits are broken down by Assessorial needs that fit your company.  For example, if a member does not have a dock and always needs a Lift Gate at pickup, YRC would offer one of the Association Pricing Programs that decrease the Lift Gate Fee, or if a member exhibits at multiple Shows throughout the year, the Association Pricing Program decreases tradeshow fees.