The global aerospace manufacturing market manufactures more than just planes, aerospace is a vast and sophisticated international industry, which also encompasses fuel, deicing, airports, retail, and traffic management.

The aerospace market is encountering growing demand due to increased air travel, massive backlogs, demand for replacement aircrafts, a gradually resurging business jet segment and a newer entrant to the commercial space – unmanned aircraft systems “Drones”.  With this positive growth, the aerospace manufacturers have to keep up with these new trends so they can deliver high-quality products that will meet customer demands while also meeting new regulations and standards.

Key Trends to Watch:

  • Technological Advancement
  • Need for Fuel Efficiency
  • Shifts in Supply/Demand

This market has some of the toughest compliance regulations in the world. If aerospace products don’t perform as expected, people’s lives can be at risk. Manufacturers have to count on their suppliers to be on the same page and have a comprehensive understanding of all current rules and regulations.

WHMA’s Manufacturer Members understand the importance of supplying high-quality products such as aerospace grade cables and wires for the aerospace market. Another area that is of significant importance is that the cable harnesses have fulfilled the industry standards for performance, quality, safety, etc.

The Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association Manufacturer Members are recognized in the Cable and Wire Harness Industry through their understanding and practice of the “IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard” – the worldwide benchmark for quality workmanship. By choosing one of WHMA’s Manufacturer Members, you will have the confidence in knowing that they recognize wire harnesses are vital for keeping aircrafts in the air.  It is crucial to follow standards and protocols to design and assemble your harness to meet the exact specifications of the market.

Benefits to the Aerospace Market:

    • Quality Assurance
    • Compliance to ISO and Regulatory Requirements
    • Standards & Processes
    • Dependability
    • More…

WHMA’s Aerospace
Manufacturer Members

Haixing IND
Holmes Circuit Des
Honeybee Robotics
Hupp Aerospace/Def
Hydra-X LLC
IEC Electronics
IMP Electronics
Interface Mfg
InterLnX, Inc.
Irvine Electronics
Itel Electronics
Kai-Tai Electronics Co.
Kaynes Technology
Kato Cable
kSaria Corporation
L2 Aviation
LeeMAH Electronics
LeePra Tech Private 
Legacy Aircraft
LEMO Elect Shanghai
Libra Industries
Mfg & Assembly Solutions
Matric Group
Michael Stephen Mfg
Midcon Cables Co
MJM Industries
MRO Electronic Sup
MSLR Global Exports
Nexthermal Corp.
Niacc Tech
Nicomatic India Electronics
Nicomatic SA
Nortech Systems
Northeastern Electronics
NPI Technologies
nVent Electrical Prod. India
Nysha Mobility Tech
Omni Aerospace
Out of box
PBC Piezotronics
Powell Electro Systems
Pratt & Whitney Power Sys
Precise Cable
Precision Mfg
Project Unlimited Inc
Promark Electronics
Q&D Wire Cable Asm
Quality Liaison Services
Quick Turn Training
Rapid Mfg
Rennsteig Tools
RESCO Electronics 
RMG Tech (Vietnam)
Rockford Xellerix
Senra Systems
Shanghai Amphenol
SSI Technologies
Stahl Metall Pty
Sundown Aerospace
Sundown Industrial Srvs
Sunflower Electrical Sys
SV Microwave
Taishan LiHua Elec Factory
Technology (Vietnam)
Teledyne Energy
The Mello Co
Timberline Mfg
Todd Tool Creations
Torotel Products
Toyo Koku Denshi
Traab Engg India
Trasccon Intc Systems
Trek Connect 
TRS International MFG
Trung Nam Electronics
TT AB Circuit Designs
TT AB Connectors
TT Electronics
TT Electronics – IMS
TT Elect Power SOLN
Varsity Instruments PVT
Vexos Vietnam
Welldone Electronics
Western Wire Harness
Wilcoxon Sensing Tech
Winchester Interconnect
Wirex Controls
Woven Electronics