The Recreational manufacturing market consists of many different types of recreational products such as RV, Marine, OPE & RTV, etc.

This market has demonstrated a strong capability to successfully operate in both domestic and international markets especially in the regions of Europe, the Asia-Pacific and the United States.

Global Market Trends:

  • Increasing Energy Prices
  • Environmental and Safety Regulations
  • Increases in Freight Shipping

In the recreational boating market, the Marinas market has benefited from increased contribution and expenditures by customers and has started to grow and increasing production.

Conditions to Consider:

  • Labor-Intensive Manufacturing Processes
  • Increasingly Strict Environmental Standards
  • Government Regulations Related to RV Standards

As the recreational market is constantly changing, manufacturers need to be able to try and “predict factors” that will drive their business. They need to rely on perfectly-made cable assemblies and wire harnesses from reputable wire and cable manufacturers to build their products.

The Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association Manufacturer Members recognize that your company needs to rely on receiving a perfectly-made cable assembly and/or wire harness from a reputable wire and cable manufacturer to maintain their equipment.  By choosing one of WHMA’s Manufacturers Members to design your harness will be one less “factor for you to predict”.

The Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association Manufacturer Members are recognized in the Cable and Wire Harness Industry through their understanding and practice of the “IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard” – the worldwide benchmark for quality workmanship.

Benefits to the Recreational Market:

  • First-Rate Quality
  • Compliance to ISO and Regulatory Requirements
  • Design Efficiency
  • More…