Branding Your Business

On this page, you will find WHMA’s corporate logos and logos to brand your business, along with WHMA’s usage guidelines.

WHMA Logo Usage Guidelines:

The WHMA logo is our graphic face to the world and identifies our brand to the consumer. This page outlines the proper use of the WHMA logos.

WHMA Logo Usage Guidelines:

Our logos are our unifying corporate symbol and these criteria MUST always be followed:

  1. Our logo is to only be produced in our corporate colors: Red (PMS 485) & Black.
  2. DO NOT redraw or distort the logo or tagline.
  3. DO NOT alter the relationship between the logo elements.
  4. ONLY reproduce the logo and tagline from approved digital files.

All WHMA logos must be properly “staged” or positioned in all applications. A clear area must be maintained on ALL sides of the logo. There is no minimum or maximum size restriction for use.

  • The illustrator (.ai) file is BEST for printing.
  • The .png file is BEST for using in Microsoft Office products like Word.
  • The .gif is BEST for the web. The .jpeg and .png files can also be used for web.