Company Website: www.harnessworks.com

HarnessWorks is an innovative company specializing in wire harness assembly assisted automation. With a focus on simplifying complexity, HarnessWorks has designed an integrated hardware and software solution that projects step-by-step instructions directly onto the harness board, making the process of building wire harnesses faster and easier. The stunning 4K resolution of the projected work instructions makes it easy for technicians to follow the process, while the borderless, seamlessly expandable workspaces allow harness boards to be connected end-to-end, fitting wire harnesses of any size.

HarnessWorks’ software suite is designed to work with your existing wire harness design software, allowing you to leverage your smart wire harness data by importing your files into HarnessWorks and parsing them into easy-to-understand, step-by-step work instructions. All of this can be controlled from a web browser, giving you greater flexibility and control over the assembly process.
One of the key features of HarnessWorks is its reconfigurable magnetic accessories. These accessories make it easy to customize your workspace to fit your specific needs and requirements, further enhancing the user experience and increasing productivity.

HarnessWorks’ obsession with manufacturing automation is evident in their newly redesigned software suite, which launched last May in Milwaukee at EWPTE. This suite builds on the award-winning ProjectionWorks assisted automation solution, offering all-new features uniquely tailored for optimizing wire harness production. By increasing production speed and eliminating rework, HarnessWorks is making a significant impact in the wire harness assembly industry.

Managers also benefit from HarnessWorks’ production visualization analytical dashboards, which provide real-time activity dashboards and long-term trends, giving unprecedented insights into the production floor. HarnessWorks is truly a game-changer in the wire harness assembly industry, and their commitment to manufactural automation is unmatched.