Ideal for applying self-laminating and flag labels to wires, cables and harnesses, the durable VortexID from IDENTCO, Ingleside, IL, USA, can handle up to 20 products per minute and operate 24/7.

IDENTCO, a manufacturer of high performance labeling solutions for the power equipment, electronics, transportation and general industrial sector has introduced this automated wire marking system whose stamina and speed set new benchmarks for wire and harness label application. The VortexID can precisely apply up to 20 labels per minute, outpacing other automated units and doubling the most
expedient manual setups, a stark departure from the single-shift limitations of competing models.

Versatile in Terms of Capabilities
Capable of handling a variety of American wire gauge sizes, IDENTCO’s VortexID automated wire marking system is suitable for a broad range of sectors whose products incorporate wires and harnesses, most notably electronics and automotive components production. The module features 300 dpi printing capabilities, with labels applied via a vacuum plate with a rotating mechanism for reliable application on cylindrical products.

Notably, IDENTCO’s new module works on many materials, expanding customer choice and potentially decreasing overall labeling materials costs.

The VortexID can apply both self laminating and flag labels, an attractive two-for-one modularity accomplished by an interchangeable applicator. This inherent versatility serves as another differentiator
in its space, providing customers with a flexible solution eliminating the need to purchase specific machines for each label type. For both label types, the VortexID’s application consistency and repeatability
ensure neat, secure labels where crucial product, traceability and electronics testing information is pristinely printed and unobscured.

Continuous Operation
The module’s robustness is arguably its most ground-breaking strength. Whereas modules from leading competitors generally max out at eight hours of continuous operation, the VortexID can operate continuously, bringing the potential for thousands more processed products over the course of just a single day.

“As the demand for high-volume wire and harness manufacturing grows ever stronger, solutions that can automate key aspects along the production line including of course the labeling process, are increasingly sought-after,” said Emilio Garza, Automation Manager for IDENTCO. “Our new VortexID automated wire marking unit combines high throughput and continuous operation with the precision printing and label placement necessary to ensure long-term information readability.”

IDENTCO is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of high performance labeling solutions for several demanding industries including automotive components, electronics applications, industrial machinery and tools and commercial transportation. The company specializes in exactingly engineered labels, ribbons, applicators and printers for product tracking and tracing, branding, compliance and identification.

IDENTCO has a decades-long reputation with leading OEMs and contract manufacturers for exemplary products, discerning quality management, operational proficiency and collaborative customer
support. A global presence allows IDENTCO to truly understand the markets it serves including mission-critical needs and pain points as well as to develop and apply efficiency-instilling, cost saving labeling standardization processes wherever possible.

Article published in the Wire & Cable Technology International Sept/Oct 2023 edition.