The WHMA Excess Inventory Listserv is a mail list system for posting/searching excess inventory. With this system WHMA members will be able to send email lists of materials they wish to sell, as well as receive emails listing materials that other members have available.  In addition, archives of previous message postings can be searched online.  This service is free and exclusively for WHMA members.

Please note:  This list is confidential for WHMA members.  You should not publicly mention its existence or forward copies of information that you have obtained from it to third parties.

How do I join the WHMA Excess Inventory Listserv?

The mail list is named WHMAXSinventory. The mailing list is open to all WHMA members.  WHMA members can join the list at this Subscription Page: (please list your Name, Company and email address)

How to Subscribe: To subscribe to the service, please send an email to In the subject line, write “Subscriber to Listserve”, and your full name and email address. We will send you a confirmation email upon activation of the subscription.

If you don’t already have a password for the LISTSERV.IPC.ORG server, we recommend that you create one now.  A LISTSERV password is linked to your email address and can be used to access the web interface and all the lists to which you are subscribed on the LISTSERV.IPC.ORG server.
To create a password, visit:

Once you have created a password, you can log in and view or change your subscription settings at:

WHMA members can unsubscribe here:

How to post inventory:

WHMA members can copy the following template below or download the excel format   This template is version 1.1 and should be used as the standard format for posting inventory to WHMAXSinventory.  A list of all applicable inventory can be maintained by each WHMA member and when ready to post you can copy and paste the content in a mail to There should not be a size limit.  This email will be reviewed and then released for distribution to subscribers. WHMA members should add/delete items as they are used or sold, and a new mail sent to  One active positive for each WHMA member will be maintained.

Download WHMA Inventory Template.xslx


WHMAXSinventory template v1.1 – add your excess inventory items in the sheet below.  Copy and paste in an email to  Update this sheet when inventory changes and repost by email as needed.  WHMA will maintain one active listing per WHMA member that can be searched in listerv archives
Date added WHMA member Contact Mfr P/N Manufacturer Description QOH UNIT of Measure Country inventory located PACKAGING (optional) ROHS Compliant (optional) Internal  P/N (optional)


How to search Archives

Archives for searching can be access here:

We anticipate this list will change over time as WHMA members use and have suggestions for modifications.  We have had meetings with multiple WHMA members already and would like to try expanding this to a larger audience.  Inventory on the list so far is small and will grow as members use it.  We know that this is a challenging time to find inventory.  We hope that this system will help WHMA members achieve their goals.  Questions or suggestions for improvement can be sent to David Bergman at