WHMA Members Networking Listserv

The WHMA Listserv is a special email list that allows WHMA members to send and receive messages to other members in this group. The WHMA Listserv is accomplished through email and is quick and easy. Anyone who has signed up for the list server will get all the messages sent to it and, if they want, may reply to either the entire group or just to the individual who sent the message. List servers work best when there are lots of members discussing lots of topics.

What to discuss?

  • WHMA meeting info
  • Problems with machines or processes
  • New product announcements
  • Your companies special capabilities
  • Urgently needed wire or terminal samples
  • Surplus of excess items for sale
  • Technical questions
  • Committee announcements

How do I sign up for the WHMA Listserv?

The mail list is named WHMANETWORKING. The mailing list is open to all WHMA members.  WHMA members can join the list at this Subscription Page: (please list your Name, Company and email address)

WHMA members can unsubscribe here:

If you don’t already have a password for the LISTSERV.IPC.ORG server, we recommend that you create one now.  A LISTSERV password is linked to your email address and can be used to access the web interface and all the lists to which you are subscribed on the LISTSERV.IPC.ORG server.
To create a password, visit:  http://listserv.ipc.org/scripts/wa.exe?GETPW1

Once you have created a password, you can log in and view or change your subscription settings at:  http://listserv.ipc.org/scripts/wa.exe?SUBED1=WHMANETWORKING

How do I send a message?

WHMA invites you to join today. It is a good way to stay up to speed with the most current events in the wire harness industry. Please feel free to send a question, concern, or comment. Or just follow along with your fellow members by reading the messages until you have something to say.




You may  leave the list at  any time by sending  a SIGNOFF WHMANETWORKING command to:  LISTSERV@LISTSERV.IPC.ORG, or by  sending a blank  email to:


You can  also tell  LISTSERV how you  want it to  confirm the  receipt of messages that you send  to the list. To send yourself a  copy of your own messages, send a SET WHMANETWORKING REPRO command.

Alternatively, to have LISTSERV send  you a short acknowledgement instead of the  entire message,  send a SET  WHMANETWORKING ACK  NOREPRO command.

Finally,  you  can turn  off  acknowledgements  completely with  the  SET WHMANETWORKING NOACK NOREPRO command.

More information on the tools  and options available for list subscribers may  be   found  in   the  official   L-Soft  online   documentation  at:


For questions regarding WHMA membership contact Christine Siebert at christineSiebert@ipc.org.