In the bustling field of wire processing and cable assembly, JWB Manufacturing has carved out a significant presence, providing unmatched product quality and customer service. This article spotlights JWB Manufacturing, a valued manufacturing member of the Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association (WHMA). Through a candid interview, we explore their journey, insights, and unique offerings in the industry. Navigate with us as we delve into their reasons behind joining the WHMA organization, their standout products, and how they’re tackling industry challenges.

Q: How long has JWB Manufacturing been a member of WHMA?
JWB Manufacturing has been a member of WHMA for 3 years

Q: Why did you become a WHMA member?

A: There were two reasons:

  • IPC/WHMA discounts
  • Leadership/mentoring networking opportunities – The community

Q: Can you tell us a little about your company and its products?

A: JWB Manufacturing, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of standard and custom wire cutting and stripping blades across the world.  We are a machine shop focused on the wire processing and cable assembly industries. We have also begun making crimp tooling and connectors and we ship in over 17 countries and sell online in over 13 countries.

Q: What are some of your differentiators?

A: Many of the standard blades are available to purchase at our online shopping cart (not all blades are available on our shopping cart, we are adding more each month)

  • You can cross reference the OEM part number and the other two aftermarket manufacturers part numbers with ours
  • Web site:
  • We also have an amazon store front where we offer over 100 different blades.
  • We are also adding products to ebay
  • Basically, the only place in the world you can buy these blades online in the world
  • We strive to have all of our online products in stock so they can be shipped immediately. Most orders are shipped the same day or the next day.

Q: What challenges are you facing in the wire and harness industry?

A: Our biggest challenge is that potential customers do not know we exist.  They just haven’t heard of us yet.

Q: How are you addressing this challenge?

A: To increase JWB’s industry Presence we are working on our social presence.  Our main focus is with Building our own online store at and building our amazon storefront at   Youtube is also a focus.  This is incredibly helpful in raising our profile in google search.

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter “X”
  • Instagram

Exhibiting at trade shows both in the USA and in Mexico

  • IPC/WHMA Wire Processing Expo – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – May
  • WireTech Expo in Chihuahua City, Mexico – October
  • Attending the annual WHMA Leadership Conference – February

Q: Do you exhibit/attend any of the WHMA events? Which ones?

  • IPC/WHMA Wire Processing Expo – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Exhibit
  • Annual WHMA Leadership Conference – Attend and Sponsor the First Timers event